Blush and Gold

One of my latest obsessions is the color combination of blush and gold. When I think of weddings I think of all things feminine, flirty, and sparkly. With that being said, blush and gold are at the top of my list for favorite wedding color combinations.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m all for bold, bright and dark weddings, too. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about the blush and gold that just gets me. I’ve always been one to lean towards darker, more mysterious colors though. That is why this color combo seems to surprise me because I’m not the typical “pink” girl. I have learned to like the color pink, and now one of my favorite gold’s is actually rose gold, which I previously disliked. Maybe it is something that comes with age, maturity, not caring whether anyone thinks you’re a “girly girl” or not, but I can finally admit that I like the color pink. More specifically, the color blush. When you pair blush and gold together you get something magical. Something that is straight out of a fairy tale. Maybe that is what pulls me in about this color combo. The sparkles, the girly-ness… I’m literally obsessed.

blush gold dresses
via Wedding Chicks

Who wouldn’t love a little sparkle, and flirty femininity on their wedding day? I am all for this color combo. Whether it be used as the bridesmaids dress colors, floral arrangements or the entire wedding color inspiration, it is sure to please. It is clean, simple and flattering. Who doesn’t look good with a little pink and sparkle?!

Feel free to share your favorite color combo, or ideas about wedding colors in the comments!

As always, happy planning!

xo Courtney Liegh

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