It’s all in the Details!

During the process of wedding planning you are most likely so focused on all of the details of your big day that you can’t imagine you have forgotten anything. That is until you look at your wedding photos months later and realize you forgot to have your photographer take close-ups of some of the most important details of your day!

Miller-3 (2){Cortnee Stampone Photography}

It’s something I didn’t really think about. I had a list of photos that I wanted my photographer to take that included things like first kiss, father daughter dance, bridesmaids, groomsmen, brother and sister… all of the basic photos you would expect to get in your wedding photo package. I never once thought to specify that I would like photos of the smaller aspects of my wedding day. Like the dress hanger my maid of honor so thoughtfully got for me, my boots, rings, necklace, boutonniere’s, the sash on my gown… the list goes on and on! Luckily, during all of the hectic wedding preparation on my wedding day, my photographer knew just what to do! She took the time to find all of the details that added up to making my gown and wedding day perfect.

Miller-181{Cortnee Stampone Photography}

If you haven’t made your photo list yet, think about what details you would like to have in your wedding photos. They are a great reminder of the things you worked so hard on, and what made your day perfect! You may even be surprised to see how beautiful the close-ups of some of your most treasured items can turn out to be.

Miller-146{Cortnee Stampone Photography}

Happy New Year & happy planning! 🙂

xo Courtney Liegh


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