I’m a Newlywed!

Finally, I can say it! I’m married! I had to take some time off of blogging because I became so busy during the last few weeks of planning and preparing for my wedding, but I am happy to be back. Although I was well up to date on all of my wedding to-do list deadlines, I still had tons of wedding related meetings and things to finalize in the last week before the wedding. I did not realize I would be so overwhelmed and busy!

The final week before the wedding is the time to meet with your photographer to be sure the shot list is exactly what you want, meet with the florist if you are doing any DIY projects for the centerpieces, and time to get the groomsmen in for their final fittings and pick up their wedding day attire. On top of those things, it is also time to confirm every last detail with your wedding coordinator, and vendors, as well as with each person in the bridal party. It is important to have timelines etched out for both the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and to give them all hard copies to check when things are hectic.

Then it’s time for rehearsal! It’s a good idea to inform your bridal party and any grandparents and/or parents the details of rehearsal in advance so everyone that is involved in the ceremony can attend. It’s customary to have a rehearsal dinner after the ceremony run through to treat your bridal party and parents and to really catch up with everyone before the big day! Rehearsal dinner is also a great time to give your bridal party their gifts if you haven’t done so already. I made personalized wine glasses for my bridesmaids that contained mini bottles of champagne, mini hairsprays and mini perfumes. For the groomsmen, I made personalized pilsners filled with mini bottles of rum and cans of coca-cola. My husband and I also made a point to thank each of our friends for all of their hard work and support during the crazy months of planning.

Then, finally, the wedding day! Time for pampering, and spending the day with your bridesmaids and the groom with his groomsmen. Be sure to relax and let other people handle any problems that may arise. It is a great idea to make a list of “in case of emergency” phone numbers to give to your wedding coordinator, the bridal party, and vendors so that the bride and groom are not stressed over problems that can be handled by other members of the bridal party.

I was extremely lucky and had barely any issues arise on my wedding day, and my parents and bridal party were awesome and took care of so many things for me! Just make sure your timelines are closely followed, relax and enjoy every moment because it will go by so fast!

Happy planning 🙂

Xo Courtney Liegh {Miller}

Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After-My Husband, our Son and I on our “getaway” ride after the ceremony

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