Choosing Wedding Music

This week I have been working on my ceremony and reception music. We have 39 days left until our wedding, and I have been having a hard time deciding on music! Our DJ will be providing services for both, so it was important to find specific versions of songs we liked for our ceremony. Our wedding style is primarily rustic and country. My fiance and I have both grown up listening to, and loving, country music so that is what we have chosen for all of our ceremony music. It was important to me to find something fitting for my mother and grandmothers to walk down to, so I decided on “Meanwhile back at Mama’s” by Tim McGraw. Although the tempo is a little fast, my mother agreed that it was extremely fitting for her and both of my grandmother’s. My bridal party will be walking to “Crazy Girl,” by the Eli Young Band. This song is much slower and my fiance and I feel it portrays a lot of our relationship. My father will be walking me down to Miranda Lambert’s “Makin’ Plans.” My dad and I have always loved Lambert, and this song is special in that it represents the plans my future husband and I will share together. I knew all of these songs were perfect when I couldn’t listen to them without tearing up! We will be using the original versions of all of these songs because the lyrics are so powerful, and the acoustics are light and beautiful.

For our recessional we decided on something a little less traditional, and much more fun. My fiance and I have a love for Justin Moore, so we will be using “Point at You.” This song reminds me so much of my fiance that I can’t help but smile when I hear it, but it also reminds me of myself and my country antics.

We’re extremely happy with our ceremony music selections and can not wait to hear them being played in such a special setting. Now… onto figuring out the special dance songs for the reception!

If you’d like to take a listen to our ceremony music, visit our ceremony music playlist!

Happy planning!

xo Courtney Liegh

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