A little wedding dress humor

Every bride knows that trying on wedding gowns can be painful, and I don’t just mean physically painful. You’re most likely standing in a room with your mother, and possibly the grooms mother, your bridesmaids, friends.. whoever you have brought for this special occasion. All the while, standing half naked in a gown that is either too small or way way too big. It’s either too cold, or too hot in the bridal salon and it’s just plain embarrassing asking for help every time you try another gown on. “Just one more,” is what they all say, when all you want to do is choose one already so you can put your clothes back on! Your head is spinning from all the choices: mermaid, a-line, ballgown, empire waist, halter, strapless, basque, v-neck, column or sheath.. the list goes on! And don’t forget all the accessories: shoes, veil, necklace, bracelet, hair piece, brooch, gloves.. I think you get the point. If you go into your first bridal salon with no idea of what you want, you’re going to have a hard time!

My advice here is to search online, in magazines, and even window shop for styles you think may look good and flatter your figure. This is also when you should narrow down the formality of the wedding because it will make a huge difference in the style of the gown. Bring pictures with you to your first salon visit to give the assistants an idea of what you’re looking for. And, don’t forget to budget! Finding a dress you love, and not being able to afford it will only make the entire visit more stressful. It’s also best if you only take one or two other people along to your appointment. Having too many bridesmaids and family members will cause distraction and disagreement. Going into your appointment with a plan and level head will make the experience much more relaxing, and easier on everyone!

And for a little laugh, check this video out by The Try Guys. A perfectly hilarious representation of what wedding dress shopping is often like. Good luck to all the brides-to-be that are venturing out to find “the one!”

xo Courtney Liegh

What it Looks Like When Guys Try on Wedding Gowns

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