53 Days..

Seven weeks, or one and a half months until August 15th. No matter how you add the days that is how long I have until my wedding day. Up until last night I have received at least four RSVP’s in my mailbox every day since the wedding invitations were sent. Now I am waiting on just 36 response cards to make their way back. Not too bad considering I sent 85 invitations! Out of those 36 cards I am ever so patiently waiting on, six belong to my bridal party. SIX! I mean, I know they are coming, but really guys and gals! Give the bride a break! {And to be clear, it’s mostly the groomsmen that have yet to acknowledge much about the wedding at all} But in all seriousness, I feel as though my family and friends have done well thus far. They have until July 14th to get their responses back, and until then I will just keep checking my mailbox.

**A little piece of invitation and RSVP advice: wedding invitations should typically be sent out two months prior to your wedding date. This allows guests enough time to plan for the day, and also gives you time to receive response cards back. Guests should RSVP by the date specified on the card which is generally two-three weeks before the wedding date. This allows the couple to confirm the head count with the vendor, caterer, and to finish the seating plan and escort cards.

xo Courtney Liegh

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